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I’m ready to enter the world! Is the word ready for me?



It bites at me like a hungry snake

Asking, ” what can I take today?”

your sanity?

your drive?

your will to survive?

As soon as my feet hit the floor

I’m begging my demon for no more.

“I can’t handle it,” I say

It’s okay; you’re going to take it anyway.

Today I do not fight so I go back to

bed, I’d rather lie dead instead.

I cover my face so you can’t see, it doesn’t

matter because you’re within me.

“One day, I will get rid of you, I say

but not today.


I’ve come too far for you not to respect

My Scars

Pages left unturned; happiness passed up because lessons never learned.

I go back to the same mistakes repeatedly, conceitedly thinking it will be different

You see,

I come from a bloodline of

warriors, peacekeepers, leaders, and healers.

I will never give up on humanity no matter what it throws at me.

My Scars

reminds me of what I have

endured, withstood, resisted and survived

to see them is what keeps me Alive.

Published by #poeticmedicine